Monday, July 21, 2008

SMART Gold Trio Plan

Your family's best way to keep connected.

The GOLD Trio Plan


• Better Network With The Widest Coverage • More Handset Choices
• Special Calling Circle Rate of P4.00/minute

With Smart Gold Trio Plan, your family will never be out of touch!
So, for the best 3-in-1 cellphone plan offer, get the Smart Gold Trio Plan.

New application is subject to a 24-month lock-in period. Credit guidelines will apply. Interested applicants may bring the following documents: Valid ID, Proof Of Billing, Financial Documents (COE or W2), Subscribers can also avail of this handset via credit card application together with valid ID, FREE Handsets under Plan 500, Plan 800 and Plan 1200 must be emailed under our Auto-Debit Agreement, Otherwise, cash-out is required.

For more inquiries, please feel free to contact me at (062)992-2676 or 0920-981-6969.

Again I would like to remind everyone that I'm available for conducting a short presentation at your office or school.

Powered by the Smart Super SIM, Smart Gold is our postpaid brand that offers the widest and most flexible selection of monthly plans with free calls and free SMS. Subscribers have a choice of the best handset with every postpaid plan. Smart Gold also offers a wide range of value added services from entertainment to mobile commerce.

Be pampered with features and services that are distinctly Gold.

Smart Gold offers the widest network coverage, the widest selection of monthly plans with free calls and free text. Get the choicest handsets and value added services such as Mobile Banking, Entertainment Finder, Cinema Club, Remote Purchase and a lot more.

Smart Gold is the superior, cutting edge cellular service from SMART Communications, Inc. It operates on 900/1800 dual band network to serve the Philippine cellular services. This dual band technology provides the platform for the provision of advanced value-added services.

Regular Plans

Regular Plans
Regular Plans
Gold Plans Plan 500 Plan 800 Plan 1200 Plan 1800 Plan 2500 Plan 3500
Free SMS 500 350 350 450 550 650
Free Calls 20 98 206 344 491 737
Smart to Smart P 6.11 P 5.60 P 5.09 P 4.58 P 4.07 P 3.56
Smart to Other P 7.64 P 7.13 P 6.62 P 6.11 P 5.60 P 4.58
SMS Rate P 1.02 P 1.02 P 0.51 P 0.51 P 0.51 P 0.51
IDD $0.40*

Consumable Plans

Consumable Plans
Consumable Plans
Gold Plans Plan 800 Plan 1200 Plan 1800 Plan 2500 Plan 3500
Free SMS 200 250 300 350 400
Free Calls - - - - -
Smart to Smart P 6.62 P 6.11 P 5.09 P 4.58 P 4.07
Smart to Other P 7.13 P 6.62 P 6.11 P 5.60 P 4.58
SMS Rate P 1.02 P 0.51 P 0.51 P 0.51 P 0.51
IDD Rate $0.40*

* Rates are inclusive of VAT and Foreign Currency Adjustment (FCA). Free SMS allocation applies to local text messages (SMART to SMART & SMART to other networks) and data/VAS (GPRS, MMS, Addict MMS downloads). Free Minutes allocation applies to local calls (SMART to SMART & SMART to other networks, SMART to landline and NDD calls). Free minutes do not cover IDD, International Roaming and VAS.

* Smart Gold IDD rates are in US Dollars, Applicable to 200 destinations worldwide, excluding INMARSAT.

Note: Data/ Information included is valid as of August 2006. SMART policies and procedures are subject to change without prior notice.

A lot of people are aspiring to get a postpaid plan or what most people call it as "billing". However, these people are getting discouraged due to the fact that they need to submit several requirements just to have one, especially financial documents.

Now here's where SMART GOLD SIM ONLY comes in. You don't need to submit any financial document to get one. All you need is a valid ID (preferably Driver's License); any proof of address (NO need if you have a Driver's License) and of course completely fill-out the application form.

Plus you get FREE 15 minutes on-net-voice calls every month and a FREE cellphone after 6 months if you decide to
renew your contract.

Now let's try doing the m
ath. For Plan P500, you get 500 free text messages, 20 minutes of free all-network calls, and FREE 15 minutes smart-smart voice calls. That would total to 35 minutes of free voice call. For a prepaid subscriber it would cost P6.50/minute for a voice call. Since we have 35 minutes of free voice calls, that would amount to P227.50 and don't forget that we have 500 free text messages (all networks).
All in all, we would have spent P727.50, but we only spent 500 pesos. That's a whole lot of saving, isn't it? And again, don't forget that you can have a FREE cellphone after 6 months, and of course you can get a new cellphone after every 18 months, after your first contract renewal.

For more inquiries, contact me at (062)992-2676, or text me at 0920-981-6969.

I'm also available to conduct a short presentation at your office or school.